Busuness package ECONOMIC

We from Business center Sofia offer four packages for the virtual office service the first one is called -Economic 

For which companies is the economic package suitable?

-For newly registered companies or small ones
-Suitable for the beginning of a business career

What’s included?
- Prestigious correspondence address
-Real e-mail address . In which we will receive your correspondence. You have the ability to check your email at any time from a different location.

-Fax line
-5% discount on other services offered from us

Take the economic package, it will ease your business on a daily basis. Renting us, you can work stress free and progressively on your business, while we work for you.

Our staff works every day from 9:00 until 17:30 for you and your interests

Discounts for our clients: 50% for the first 3 months of a signed one-year contract, if the first 6 monthly fees are payed and in a two-year contract the first 12 monthly fees, the clients will get the first 3 months free and 3 more with a 50% discount