VIP office package

We from Business center Sofia offer four different packages for the virtual office service
The fourth one is called – VIP
This package is suitable for companies that work with abroad partners and clients. With this package communication between your company and clients won’t be interrupted, quite in fact it will be flawless. In this way there won’t be any misunderstandings between   receiving and sending important information.
The VIP package is the ideal package, including everything needed for a flawless working business.

What services does the VIP package include?
-Prestigious real office address

-Stationary and mobile number with real numbers, with which our employee will represent you. Our employee will introduce himself as an employee of your company and will maintain a non-stop communication.
-Real mailing address, which will receive the entire correspondence of your company. As well as delivered by mail address.
-Real e-mail address. Forwarding, replying and saving of correspondence.
You have the ability to check your e-mail at any time and from a real location.
-Real office space, which is equipped with every office tech and consumables needed: Fax, printer, computer, Internet and other. The office space can be used 4 days every month. In the working area its possible to have business meetings with government employees as well as with clients.
-Parking space. Close to the office there are free parking spaces that will ease your and the clients visit during the working hours, which guarantees a calm stay in the office during business meetings and presentations.
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-Realtime forwarding, answering calls with your clients. Our employee will connect you with your clients during the entire work day. In this way. Not a single important conversation won’t be left unsolved. Non-stop communication is guaranteed.
-Absolute confidentiality of your company correspondence
-Welcoming and communicating with government employees, municipal or judicial administration, NSSI, NRA, AB and Sofia City Court. Our employee will sign and receive documents and summons with your authorization.
-A real employee that can speak English fluently  will communicate with your English-speaking clients and partners. The employee will communicate with them from your behalf and represent your company.
-Accounting services. Our accountant will lead the entire accounting process of your company with a limit of 50 documents monthly.
-100 business cards
-15% discount of any other service provided by us

Our staff works every day from 9:00 until 17:30 for you and your interests

Discounts for our clients: 50% for the first 3 months of a signed one year contract, if the first 6 monthly fees are payed and in a two year contract the first 12 monthly fees, the clients will get the first 3 months free and 3 more with a 50% discount.