The pros of a virtual office

Virtual offices grant plenty of options for each user. This type of offices is suitable for users, that are always mobile. Using our services, they can do their job somewhere else meanwhile the office works for them. Virtual offices are a new and amazing opportunity for mid and small sized businesses of every nature. As we know today time is money, especially in the sphere of business, money is the means of existence and growth and holding onto a status. Thanks to our services, a new opportunity is given where you can have free time, options and have your business grow in the meantime. The pros of a virtual office are way more than a normal one.
Virtual offices of Nova offer:
-Mailing address in a prestigious part of the city, which can be used for company documents, business cards, brochures and other.

-Prestigious address for management of the organization or the association.
-Guaranteed nonstop communication: Answering, forwarding and skipping phone calls, fax messages and other.
-Stationary phone number.
-Phone secretary, who receives phone calls even outside working hours, by forwarding them the next morning to your phone number or possibly your e-mail.
-Email address of your company - In order to receive, forward and collect your correspondence. Accordingly, keeping it in store following the prior instructions and parameters of the service.
-Opportunity of accepting government employees from municipal or judicial administration, NSSI, NRA, AB and Sofia City Court, as well as signing and receiving documents and summons with the consent and authorization virtual office user.
Virtual offices grant the opportunity of its user to save time, energy and excessive costs, meanwhile being able to concentrate in more serious manners of his/her company. In other words, while the user is working on the serious manners of his/her company, the same moment the virtual office works for him/her and the weal of the company without any excessive time and money loss, all this with a monthly fee.