Tax address

What does it mean to have a tax address?

According to pt.28 of the tax code, every local and abroad person has to have a tax address to receive tax messages every work day from 9:00 to 17:30.
Every tax subject with a seat or an address in foreign countries are obligated to have a Bulgarian tax address , if they have income from sources within the country or have property in the Bulgarian republic territory.
 We can offer you a selection of three addresses in the  city center of Sofia. This way you will be always calm, and have received your important notifications and messages.

What are the consequences if you are not found in the tax address?

Sometimes, as a tax address, the address on the Identity card is used of the CEO.
Most letters, packages and notifications from the government  agency hold a due date , in which certain actions need to be taken or deliver documents.
If you don’t receive in time this document – it’s very possible  to receive sanctions.
If you’re a registered VATA official, finding you will be by correspondence address, you’re entitled to initiate a deregistration procedure. Other than that, if your company is investigated for tax fraud or revision, the contracting party will have tax loan refused, and the company may be handled over to the police for documented investigation. All this will have a toll on you and your business prestige, you will cause yourself problems and sanctions which in results leads into a stressful environment, time and money loss.

What can we offer?

We will offer you a tax address, which will always have a representative with the aim to deliver you the tax messages, also meeting and communicating with government agencies
- Employees of municipal or judicial administration - NRA, NSSI, AB and Sofia City Court. Our employee will sign, receive documents and summons with your authorization.

You ask if this is possible?

Yes, based on pt.48 of the tax code, tax messages can be given to an authorized personnel after notary authentication of the given authorization.

What are the pros of this service?

-You have always a legal and tax address, in which you can be found
-You don’t need to register your company with your home address
-In case of management address change, the tax address will be saved and your company will be found.
-You will separate your mailing  address and your  tax correspondence address of your operating company office.
-You will receive professional representatives in case of contact with the tax administration.
-You give a more serious image of your company, if you show an address in Sofia
-You don’t have to rent an expensive office, only to provide an office and tax address for your company.

What do you have  to do?

Moving services in Sofia, Bulgaria from .

Signing a contract is enough for using our service and an authorization letter for us and your representatives, after  that you can declare  your new tax  address

Monthly fee for using a tax address is 80 leva when signing a contract of at least 6 months.