Selling of companies

Transferring (selling) companies
Transferring usually is connected with company shares. Normally, this is a method used to reshuffle membership status in companies with limited responsibilities. Other than that, one associate can sell their entire share (which means in some Ltd companies the entire one), or maybe a small part of it.

As we said, if in a Ltd the only owner of the capital decides to transfer his shares to another person, this automatically means transferring the company. Transferring in Ltd is regulated in T3, as a selling contract, which follows to be done with a notary certification of signatures.

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What’s included in this service?
Virtual office Nova prepares for you all the needed documentation and advices you in matters you possibly don’t understand.
The offered from us procedure  is completely flawless when the only thing we ask you is to visit a notary, who will certify the needed notary documents. We can offer you one.

What’s the result of the procedure?
After signing the Buying-selling contract of the company shares in LTD and finishing the actions of its entry, the buyer becomes a partner and owner of the rights and obligations as a result of membership, and the seller stops being a partner (unless he owns other shares).From this moment provisions of the company contract and decisions of the general meeting bind the new partner

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