Registration of a company in Bulgaria


Registration of a company is one of the services ,Virtual office Nova provides its customers.

We specialize in the sphere or corporate law and its connected to company registration, as well as everything needed for their legal matters. Change of CEO, selling company stocks, any changes of circumstances, closure of the company, are only a few of our services.

Why register a company?

Every entrepreneur, who wants to start a new business or expand his activity is obligated to have a company, which can legally take part in the trade turnover. The size of the activity doesn’t matter, every trader has to do it corresponding to the normative regulatory requirements of the Bulgarian Republic. We will help you choose the most suitable company for the realization of your business.

Why put your trust on us?
Our team is built of highly qualified specialists with legal education who are fully capable and knowing of the regulating corporate law provisions. This guarantees the best quality of the services offered by us and brings the chance of being refused by a Registry Agency close to zero, and a refusal brings in costs that were payed for government tax. Thus, don’t hesitate and trust our team of professionals, when you decide to create a new company.

We cooperate with banks and notary offices, in which our clients use preferably. You won’t have to wait and create a company account, because when we go to the bank it will be already done! The only thing needed from you is to deposit your capital. This guarantees the fastest registration of a company that can be offered.

The fact that, we work with digital signatures, makes it possible to work with clients from the entire country. You don’t have to be in Sofia, to register your company! Other than that, the agency accepts documents in a digital form, while having smaller government taxes for them. This is the reason Virtual office Nova can offer its clients the best price to quality.

Howdo we work?

At the moment, when you contact us and give us the needed information, our specialist will take are of preparing the documentation, When we finish you will receive a phone call , to make an appointment in a notary office , which we will recommend or a different one you have already chosen. After that we have to visit a bank, in which you will make your bank account for the registration of the new company. This is everything that’s needed from you!