Buying a ready company

Buying a ready company with history.
Ready companies are a very good solution when you want to form your documentation to buy fast and without the need go through procedure of registering. Through this service you can have HISTORY you do not own. We have different kinds companies that can be changed so they can meet your requirements.

What can I get with this service?

You can get a UIC(Bulstat) number which identifies the company within a day you can start working through this company, sign contracts and etc.
-If wanted by the client-buyer, we can ensure a real company email address, a company phone and an authorized person, who can contact government employees, NSSI, NRA, Bank, and other
-History of the company.

Where did you find those companies?

The reason, we offer ready companies is because, lately it gets harder for companies to manage to handle their costs, because of that they stop working. Many of the owners choose to sell them, because the other variant is to terminate them. The procedure of termination lasts at least 6 months and its connected with a lot of costs and taxes. Others have the ability to buy a company with a good reputation and no debts. We have companies under the legal form of LTD.

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Companies, that we offer are without actives or passives or only with actives without any activity from certain period since their existence. Its mandatory when you buy a company, the buyer to have a fresh NRA document that certifies that there aren’t any debts.

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