Business center Sofia offers specialized accounting services. This type of services is needed for every working company and business. Our professionals in the sphere of accounting, will take care of your accounting documents, accountancy, and finances, all in all they will track your company accounting balance. This type of service will free  you of excessive accounting responsibilities connected with your company, this way your will have more time to focus on the important aspects of your business.

Our accounting services will give you adequate protection.
- Accounting services of any nature
-Accounting consultation
-Consultation in the sphere of tax law

Buying a ready company with history.
Ready companies are a very good solution when you want to form your documentation to buy fast and without the need go through procedure of registering. Through this service you can have HISTORY you do not own. We have different kinds companies that can be changed so they can meet your requirements.

What can I get with this service?

You can get a UIC(Bulstat) number which identifies the company within a day you can start working through this company, sign contracts and etc.
-If wanted by the client-buyer, we can ensure a real company email address, a company phone and an authorized person, who can contact government employees, NSSI, NRA, Bank, and other
-History of the company.

What does it mean to have a tax address?

According to pt.28 of the tax code, every local and abroad person has to have a tax address to receive tax messages every work day from 9:00 to 17:30.
Every tax subject with a seat or an address in foreign countries are obligated to have a Bulgarian tax address , if they have income from sources within the country or have property in the Bulgarian republic territory.
 We can offer you a selection of three addresses in the  city center of Sofia. This way you will be always calm, and have received your important notifications and messages.

What are the consequences if you are not found in the tax address?


Registration of a company is one of the services ,Virtual office Nova provides its customers.

We specialize in the sphere or corporate law and its connected to company registration, as well as everything needed for their legal matters. Change of CEO, selling company stocks, any changes of circumstances, closure of the company, are only a few of our services.

Why register a company?

Every entrepreneur, who wants to start a new business or expand his activity is obligated to have a company, which can legally take part in the trade turnover. The size of the activity doesn’t matter, every trader has to do it corresponding to the normative regulatory requirements of the Bulgarian Republic. We will help you choose the most suitable company for the realization of your business.

Our legal department, can offer you a complex  legal services for our abroad and Bulgarian clients. This complex of services is needed in realization, in innovative trading activity, because it has connection to the law. Our law department offers services in the sphere of real estate, commercial, tax and administrative law.
Our specialists in the sphere of law will guide you through the whole time from the moment you register your company. GLC, LTD, SOE, foundations, organizations and others. Our lawyers take care of the legal part of your company and meanwhile consult you with legal advices, information and suggestions.

Virtual offices grant plenty of options for each user. This type of offices is suitable for users, that are always mobile. Using our services, they can do their job somewhere else meanwhile the office works for them. Virtual offices are a new and amazing opportunity for mid and small sized businesses of every nature. As we know today time is money, especially in the sphere of business, money is the means of existence and growth and holding onto a status. Thanks to our services, a new opportunity is given where you can have free time, options and have your business grow in the meantime. The pros of a virtual office are way more than a normal one.
Virtual offices of Nova offer:
-Mailing address in a prestigious part of the city, which can be used for company documents, business cards, brochures and other.

Transferring (selling) companies
Transferring usually is connected with company shares. Normally, this is a method used to reshuffle membership status in companies with limited responsibilities. Other than that, one associate can sell their entire share (which means in some Ltd companies the entire one), or maybe a small part of it.

As we said, if in a Ltd the only owner of the capital decides to transfer his shares to another person, this automatically means transferring the company. Transferring in Ltd is regulated in T3, as a selling contract, which follows to be done with a notary certification of signatures.

Choose the safe way, come to Virtual office Nova!

For every mid or small sized business we offer a quick and easy setup. Virtual offices are a new generation of offices, that give the possibility to every company to grow and “build” its reputation without the need of overpayment. Contrary to standard offices, Virtual offices give you the opportunity for every company to adequately grow and minimize any unnecessary expenses that are part of the standard offices.
To maintain a standard office the expenses are big
-Rent of a premise that costs at least 500 leva per month
-Consumables: Electricity , water, heating, stable taxes, garbage fee and others, 200 leva monthly
-Internet ,phone, security , and others, 200 leva monthly