What’s the difference between a virtual office and standard one

For every mid or small sized business we offer a quick and easy setup. Virtual offices are a new generation of offices, that give the possibility to every company to grow and “build” its reputation without the need of overpayment. Contrary to standard offices, Virtual offices give you the opportunity for every company to adequately grow and minimize any unnecessary expenses that are part of the standard offices.
To maintain a standard office the expenses are big
-Rent of a premise that costs at least 500 leva per month
-Consumables: Electricity , water, heating, stable taxes, garbage fee and others, 200 leva monthly
-Internet ,phone, security , and others, 200 leva monthly

-Staff: Office staff , a secretary and other specialists which have to be payed monthly salary and social security contributions at least 700 leva monthly.
In general, the costs of a standard office along with the staff are in total from 1400 to 1800 leva which is not a small amount.
Before renting an office a lot of work and time is needed to find the correct one. We are talking about negotiations with real estate agents, plenty of phone calls, commission for the real estate agent /which is payed the moment the rent contract is signed/, the owner of the office gets payed the first rent and a deposit in the amount of the rent. After the suitable office has been found, a new stage of responsibilities and costs begins: A refresh of the office, buying new furniture and consumables, office tech, installing an alarm and security system, Internet and phone lines, licensed software and etc. Counting all these it becomes clear that opening a new office brings a big amount of costs, as well as its time consuming. All this can be saved by one opportunity -renting a virtual office. This way you can save the bigger amount of the costs needed to open a standard office.

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We give you the opportunity for every mid and small sized business, for a monthly fee to have in its disposal everything said above: office, phone, internet, fax, staff, etc. While having a virtual office we guarantee absolute security, correspondence and protection of your business and law interests. In the Virtual office there will always be a representative of your company who establishes communication with the clients, even with employees of municipal, state and judicial administration. Virtual offices grant the opportunity for a high level of time saving and mobility. In this way users of Virtual offices will have the chance to be anywhere and in the meantime the office to work for them.
Last but not least, are the almost minimum office consumables and costs. Meanwhile it gives the user the ability security, efficiency, time and a chance to grow further.